Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sweet Sadistic Cam & Phone Mistress

I’m aware that I may come across as a sweet Mistress, but you would be wrong to mistake My sweetness for weakness. Being sensually seductive is just a manipulative tactic that I use in My approach to domination, and it is all part of My plan to own you. After all, flies flock to honey faster than vinegar, do they not?

The same stands true for poor little losers like you, I’m afraid.

Once you’ve wandered into My web, though, you’ll quickly discover just how sadistic this seemingly sweet Mistress can be. When you’re with Me, I’ll pull you into an epically twisted fantasy world that will become your reality, where My every wish is your command.

I am your Goddess, and you will worship Me as such. My desires, My wants; they are your #1 priority. My amusement is your utmost responsibility. And the quicker you scurry to obey Me, the happier we both shall be.

Once you are in My clutches, you should be careful to never tempt the wrath of this Mistress, or you will soon discover how seriously I take disobedience. I am always eager to reign down cruel, unrelenting punishments, earned or not. So if you fuck up and piss off your Mistress, you can rest assured that the intensity will be extreme. I will exploit your weakness and deny you even the fantasy of the sweet release that you so desperately beg for, until I am quite certain you have learned your lesson.

Do you have what it takes to serve a sweet, yet sadistic Mistress like me?

Cumming To Terms With Being A Cuck

I love it when I get a client that mentions their slutty wife/girlfriend. Sometimes they don’t really want to get down to the facts of the situation, though. They minimize the situation and tell me that their wife/girlfriend is just some sort of insatiable fuck slut, which is why she is getting dick on the side. And with some, that may be the case. Those girls do exist. I know because I am one. In fact, I think variety is the spice of life. But for the most part, it is safe to assume that if they, as husbands/boyfriends, were enough to begin with, she would have more than plenty to keep her happy at home.

The reality of the situation often is that the men with slutty wives/girlfriends totally lack the ability to please their women. There are several reasons why he might not be her (only) cup of tea. Maybe he’s not big enough, and she needs to be filled with something bigger than the pathetic mediocre cock he has been cursed with. Maybe he’s just naturally too submissive, and she needs a big dom daddy to fuck her senseless. Or maybe she gets off on making her husband her bitch by forcing him to clean up the mess her bull left behind.

But no matter the root of the problem, the sooner these men admit that to themselves, the better off they will be, because it will open up a whole new world for them. They can then admit their disability to their wife/girlfriend, and together they can work out a wonderfully kinky arrangement that will keep them both happy.

A man like this has to come to terms with the fact that he cannot please his wife/girlfriend, and MUST rely on others to do it for him. I know it might be a difficult truth to own up to, but once a cuck knows his place, life gets a little easier and a whole lot sexier.

Are you that type of guy? Is your wife/girlfriend fucking other people? Has she stopped fucking you? Does the thought of being a cock fluffing, cream pie junkie turn you on? If so, book a cuckolding phone cam show/phone sex session with me today, and we’ll talk all about it.

Entertain me, loser!

Are you a pathetic piece of shit? Do you need to be shamed for your inadequacies?

I love doing cam shows and phone sex calls with guys like you! Not because you personally interest me. (Like, ewwww!) But because there is nothing I enjoy more than making a guy confess all of his shortcomings and punishing him for being such a major LOSER!

Guys like you need to be used and abused for being such a pathetic waste of space, and I am just the girl to give you the verbal ass reaming you know you deserve! I am a Goddess that has no sympathy for lesser men, and will dole out exactly what you have coming.

One of my favorite things to do with a loser is to make them get on cam and do all sorts of degrading things while I laugh. I love watching you scurry to obey my outrageous commands, hoping to please the Goddess with every humiliating task. And as you should. Since you're not a REAL man, the only role left for you to fill is that of my slave, and your worth is directly linked to my amusement.

So dance, monkey, dance!
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